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We’ve all heard lots about Robin Williams lately about his death, and this needs to happen, he deserves it. 

Most (if not all) of us know Robin Williams just passed away, and after years of making so many of us laugh until we cry, I feel like we should give back. Robin was a huge Legend of Zelda fan, you might have picked up on that, due to the fact that he named his daughter Zelda. Above is a picture of him and his daughter (Zelda Williams) in the Ocarina of Time 3DS commercial. They also starred in another commercial for Nintendo for the release/promotion of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii. 

You may have seen a post going around to send Nintendo a suggestion about somehow mentioning/dedicating the new LOZ game to Robin, if you went ahead and send Nintendo a suggestion, great! (I did too) But sign this petition as well, there are over 32,000 signatures and this petition needs 2,000+ more, we’re so close!! Please signal boost this.

You can sign the petition here: [  x  ] or click on the picture(s).


Blizzard has already commented that they currently working on adding a NPC in World of Warcraft to honor Robin Williams. If you didn’t know he played the game. 

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having a crush on both a character and the person who plays that character is just like

prepare for trouble

and make it double

Even worse when said character is in Game of Thrones. Sigh.

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Anonymous asked: Literally no one cares about high diving but people are still allowed to get patriotic during the Olympics. What a dumb statement.


Yeah well I’d say that is a really dumb analogy. Pretty much every country BUT the US cares about soccer. So to see us participating in the World Cup and beating a more deserving team feels shitty. Consistently throughout the world no one cares about high diving, so it’s a different feeling to win. If you feel so passionately about this why are you anonymous. God I’m so sick of complete strangers thinking I care about their negative opinions of what I’m saying on a blog they’re voluntarily reading

This is an ignorant statement. Period.

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you know, i’m a raging lesbian and i was never distracted by what other girls in my classes were wearing in high school. this is a male problem, not an “attracted to women” problem.

This is an “inability to respect women” problem.

Which is a male problem.

This is a bullshit problem.  Not all males are the same and not all lesbians are the same.  Good lord. 

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USA vs Germany by Frog on Flickr.
How have I not seen this picture yet? Mewis looks absolutely stunning.

She doesn’t know what’s coming next but she’ll welcome it with open arms


Natasha Belle